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Vimarc Incorporated – Our Philosophy

Vimarc Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of vibrator motors and an innovator in the field of vibration technology.
Manufacturing of Vimarc vibrator motors began in 1963 in Breda, The Netherlands but in 2009, the company was relocated to Houston, Texas where a full range of Sales and assembly operations take place. Vimarc offers customers sound technical advice on the operation and performance of its motors, spare motor parts and excellent repair service. The extensive number of models and designs of vibrator motors offered, has resulted in one of the most comprehensive and ideally structured motor programs currently available on both the domestic and international market.

Vimarc’s goal is simple:
To provide the highest quality vibrator motor, spare parts and repair service, along with support solutions for projects in the field of vibration technology.

Operating Manual
Vibration Motors (R17-01.24)
Operating Manual
Vibration Motors ATEX (R19-08.22)
Explosion proof
Explosion proof 60 Hz (US - Pounds)
Unbalance exciter
Unbalance exciter F16/F17 60 Hz (US - Pounds)
Vibration Motors 60 Hz (US - Pounds)
Vibration Motors 60/50 Hz (US - Pounds)